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 The restaurant "Hanamizuki" uses seasonal ingredients to offer you the best dishes. 

 Furthermore, it boasts a Japanese garden with scenery from the four seasons to provide the therapeutic comfort of "Wa" (the Japanese concept of peace and harmony). 

 So why not enjoy the cuisine and dress up in a kimono in this environment of "Wa"?  And take some photos for keep-sakes! 

 In the spirit of "Wa," all the staff will offer you the very best in hospitality.  


Dressing Furisode(for women)  15,000 yen

Dressing Hakama(for men)     10,000 yen

※Currently there is no kimono rental for men

※ Reservation is required 10 days in advance.

Lunch course

Nabe Gozen 3,000yen

Tokujou Sukinabe Gozen 3,000yen

Nabe Gozen 3,000yen

Kagozen 2,500yen

Mini Kaiseki 5,000yen

※Depending on the season, contents of dishes and parts of vessels may be changed.
※All prices are tax-specific prices, so consumption tax will be charged separately at the time of payment.
※10% of dining fee is charged as service charge.
※The lunch course will be open only on weekdays.

※Payment must be made in Japanese yen and credit card as well.

​※Please make reservation from reservation form. You can not make a reservation by telephone.

Omiyage -gift-

We have souvenirs for those who booked dressing plans.​

The photo is different from the actual one.